The most significant objective of any online store is to increase organic traffic. Organic search engine drives more than 50 percent of all website traffic and 40 percent of online revenues. Organic traffic can be generated at a lower cost than paid search, which is the most exciting part. So, let’s learn what organic traffic is and how online stores can increase it.

What is organic traffic?

Website traffic that comes from unpaid organic search results is considered organic traffic. This is the opposite of traffic generated through paid sources, such as search engine marketing on Google.

Organic traffic is generated when search engines like Google or Bing suggest that your website appears for specific keywords. Research shows that the page that ranks first for those keywords receives 30% of the organic traffic. The second-ranked page receives 17% of organic traffic, and the third-ranked page receives 12%. There’s no question that every online retailer wants to rank higher up on the search results for the keywords they target.

How do online stores increase organic traffic?

There are two things that search engines care about:

(1) Content and (2) Links

We will explore how you can improve these aspects for your online store.

Enhance your SEO

SEO is an essential driver of organic traffic. There are several aspects to e-commerce SEO, including:

  • Choosing the right keywords and their density
  • Images optimization for SEO
  • Data structuring to make it easier to understand by search engines
  • Optimization of titles and Meta descriptions

Invest in great quality content

User-friendly information is the primary objective of search engines. Search engines prioritize the pages that they believe provide the most relevant answers to a user’s query for every keyword. As an online retailer, you should try to answer as many questions your audience may have about your product or service as possible. In-depth content plays a crucial role in attracting the attention of search engines. The average length of content on Google’s first page is 1,890 words.

Detailed product descriptions are essential

Your product descriptions should be detailed if you wish to increase organic traffic for your products. However, you must make sure to include certain essentials in your product descriptions. For example, your product description should include relevant keywords. In addition to keywords, you should design product descriptions for humans and not search engine bots. You can determine the length of product descriptions according to their features and buyer awareness.

The description of products with many features and low awareness of the product’s benefits should be detailed. High quality and unique product descriptions should improve search engine rankings for those products and keywords.

Write unique blogs

A company that publishes a blog 15 or more times per month gets 5 times more organic traffic than a company that won’t write blogs. Companies that increase their blogging frequency from once or twice a month to nine to fifteen times a month receive twice as many leads.

Blog is an excellent place to post relevant content on an ongoing basis. One of the best parts of blogging is that it is hosted on your own website so it is more likely to drive organic traffic than social media content. Organic traffic is primarily driven by the number of website pages, and blogging is an excellent method of creating new web pages as each blog post is its own website page.

Identify long-tail keywords

Keywords with long tails are broader and more specific than short keywords. As an example, you could search for “buy a red Iron Man T-shirt” instead of simply “buy a t-shirt.” By using these keywords in blog posts, you can increase organic traffic. Even though long-tail keywords may not generate a high amount of traffic, the traffic will be of superior quality. Users are searching for specific solutions, so if you are able to answer their question, you have a better chance of getting their business.

Improve the landing page count

Another method to increase the number of pages on a website is to increase the number of landing pages. A company that boosts the number of landing pages to 15 (from 10) can improve leads by 55%. A landing page is a great way to introduce more targeted content associated with a product or a category beyond the standard product pages. Landing pages can also be created for specific offers with clear calls to action.

Create effective site architecture

E-commerce SEO relies heavily on site architecture. Effective site architecture ensures that your visitors can access the most relevant content. By improving the design of the site, more relevant content can be found with fewer clicks. In general, a website page should not require more than three clicks to reach. This ensures that product and category pages receive high authority or “link juice” from the home page.

With these factors that we read above, one can easily perform this task and achieve productivity and organic traffic for their website. Overall, online stores have a huge impact on organic traffic and can drive a lot of traffic to their website.

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